Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing is a specialized business process in which a Company contracts its payroll processing to an outside consultancy firm which then owns, manages and administers the process based on pre-defined and measurable performance criteria

Service Benefits

Historically, the drivers for payroll outsourcing were the need to get accurate and on-time payroll reports and maintain compliance with ever-changing tax legislation. While these historical drivers remain valid today, new business imperatives influence the decision to outsource including: cost reduction, expertise, flexibility, confidentiality, resource optimization, risk mitigation, improvement in staff relations and strategic core mission focus.

Our Payroll Services consist of:

  • Payroll Processing & Administration
  • Payroll Configuration
  • Payroll Audit
  • Payroll Advisory
  • Statutory Payroll Reporting
  • Management Payroll Reporting
  • Statutory Payroll Remittances
  • Payroll Agency
  • Payroll Re-runs
  • Individual Income Tax Returns