Our Promise

  • Process and Systems effectiveness and efficiency is of primary focus as we endeavor to avail our client management timely, accurate and relevant financial information for informed decision making.
  • Our service delivery also focuses on cost control which helps mold the client into an efficient and cost-effective outfit that is firmly grounded in optimal resource utilization.
  • We leverage our Accounting, Tax, Finance, Payroll and Administration expertise in running the accounting, payroll and compliance affairs of the client.
  • We target to remain at the cutting edge of technology, best practice trends and continuous improvement for the benefit of our clients who’re drawn from diverse areas of commercial and non-commercial pursuits.
  • We always deem our clients’ long-term satisfaction as critical to our own corporate fulfillment.
  • Our service proposition is underpinned by a passionate core management team, with strong complementary and supplementary foundational aptitudes in Accounting, Administration, Finance, Tax, Payroll, Compliance, ICT, and Business Management.
  • At Cool Basics we embrace challenges, reject absolutes, defy convention, have the courage to dream big and firmly hold ourselves up as a shining beacon of CFO and payroll outsourcing services excellence and fulfillment of the same remains our abiding honor.
  • At inception, CBL set out to respond creatively to the CFO and Payroll challenges facing clients, through effective partnerships and harnessing capacity for innovation, to be an organization that staff are proud to work for, clients choose to be served by and fellow professionals seek to be associated with
  • In rendering our services and executing our mandate, we hope to find the Management and staff of our clients committed to the following guiding principles:
  • A fundamental respect for giving their clients value, and for maintaining a healthy and happy workplace for internal clients.
  • Respect and commitment to conservative cash flow practices and disciplined financial management.
  • Willingness to serve with enthusiastic dedication and utmost integrity
  • Unwavering commitment to agreed action items and implementation timelines.
  • Readiness to contribute valuable input to action plans, implementation and realization of identified goals.
  • Unblemished compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Of these, none should either be flexible or negotiable

Our overarching strategic thrust at CBL is to position ourselves at the top of the quality scale, featuring our combination of conceptual and technical skills and capped by seamless execution, for the client, to whom second best is, quite frankly, not a viable option.