CFO Services

CFO Outsourcing is the contracting out of financial expertise to an external service provider offering skilled assistance in financial requirements of an organization, just like a Chief Finance Officer (CFO) does for a large organization. CBL provides strategic financial support services to address issues impacting business liquidity, profitability and growth.

Service Benefits

All profit-driven companies share one thing in common: the desire to maximize profitability, gain market share and increase shareholder value. Often, however, a lack of financial expertise can keep businesses from reaching these goals. These businesses typically turn to providers of outsourced CFO services to help them improve financial management and, thus, achieve these critical goals. Our CFO services enable you to access the advice of financial specialists who can help you make sense of your numbers, plan ahead, make more informed business decisions and grow your organization profitably.

  • CFO Service – Accounting
  • CFO Service – Funding
  • CFO Service – Business Environment Analyses
  • CFO Service – Treasury
  • CFO Service – Working Capital and Cash Flow Management
  • CFO Service – Processes, Procedures & Systems Improvements
  • CFO Service – Performance Review
  • CFO Service – Compliance
  • CFO Service – Financial Audit Assistance
  • CFO Service – Financial Reporting
  • CFO Service – Financial Efficiency
  • CFO Service – Strategic Planning